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Czech Fire Polished Glass Beads

Glass bead making is a traditional and age old industry in the Czech Republic. Many of the beads are still hand-made and much pride is taken in these beautiful glass beads.

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Czech Fire Polished Pink Cathedral Beads with Pink Cloisonne
This rosary is made with dark, rose colored pink, gold-capped, 6mm cathedral beads for the Hail Marys. They are Czech fire polished and very beautiful. The Our Father beads are just as beautiful and are pink 8mm cloisonné beads. These are hand-painted using gold colored filigree decorations with green and red flowers. The Crucifix is oxidized metal made in Italy and the center of this rosary is a painted picture of St. Patrick. This rosary measures approx. 31" and is made with gold toned very strong, yet flexible jewelry beading wire. It folds up like a corded rosary and travels well too. All of our 15 Decade Rosaries are made for beauty, durability and affordability. We offer a life-time warranty on repair or replacement, and an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.
* The shade of pink of the above rosary is 1 shade darker than the pictures show*

May God Bless you and keep praying.

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